How it works…

Employer’s needs :

  • Tablet …  or   Desktop…   or   Laptop…   or   Smartphone
  • Internet
  • Router

Employee’s need – Smartphone

How it works :

  • When an employee arrives at or leaves his or her workplace, the router detects his or her presence or absence
  • Then, the app displays, on the employee’s smartphone, the above arrival (departure) time as well as the time planned in the work schedule.
  • Finally, the app will register the most appropriate time


At the supervisor’s request, the employee leaves at 4:30 pm but, he or she was scheduled to finish at 4:00 pm:

  • The app will inform the employee that 4:00 pm has been recorded as time of departure
  • The employee simply activates a function that automatically alerts the supervisor who…
  • Will accept the new time submitted, that is 4:30 pm.  This is therefore the time that will be registered in the database.
  • The same applies for modified arrival times.

 Data compilation :

  • The superviseur identifies the start and end dates of the work period in order to obtain the total number of hours worked by the individual employees during the work period
  • A list of the individual times (and employee’s name) will be displayed.
  • The data, stored in a cloud, is available at all times in « text file » and « non-text files » formats and therefore compatible with EXCEL if necessary.